Treatment of Thread



  • Intro: First process in making banarsi Fabric is the selection and       cultivation of thread, types of thread
  • Middle: Importing cocoons, cultivating thread
  • End: Human-interest element

Scope of Work




The required threads (silk, zari, etc.) for making banarsi fabric are cultivated and made here but the seeds of silk (cocoon) are imported from china and then cultivated here. The threads are then taken to the charkha, which is a machine used to make the warp for the weaving process.


Article of about 800 words would be posted on a blogger. Which includes a brief overlook of the news report. Information, which has not been used in the news report but has collected through reici and different ways, would all be added in this article. The information includes these certain points:


  • Threads seeds and cultivation
  • Process of cultivation
  • Hurdles in the cultivation
  • History of threads that are used
  • Types of threads in making banarsi
  • Human-Interest Element



  • A complete shot of a place.
  • A shot of the process



  • Background music from Royalty Loop Music.
  • Voice Over of a producer.



  • Images will be added in the article around 2 – 4. Every picture shows a different story that supports the writer point.
  • Image of cocoon
  • A picture of fabrics that are weaved with different threads



Length, Distribution & Media


1.     Target length: 3-4 minute target length on DVD

2.     Distribution: Bahria University Thesis on DVD. Compressed Web version.

3.     Video: MiniDV, digital shots of stills. Edited in FinalCut Pro.

5.     Print: Articles on Blog.

6.     Treatment: Word.


Characters included in this news package are:

SOT of a cultivators

Reason: Showing a human interest story




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