Treatment of Naqsh Bandh


  • Intro: Naqsha-bandh drawing (Human-interest element)
  • Middle: Process of naqsha from drawing to printing with punch card
  • End: About wholesalers demand of design

Scope of Work


A person who is called a naqsha-bandh first draws the patterns or designs on paper, which are then transferred on a graph paper on a comparatively much bigger scale. Every square in the graph signifies a specific number of threads on the loom. The unfinished, rough ideas and sketches are provided to these naqsha-bandhs by the wholesalers and are thus plotted on the graph.. The wholesalers later decide the main colours and this information are forwarded to the weavers. The naqsha-bandhs do not have say in the designing of the motifs and patterns. They do what they are told to do.

Article of about 800 words would be posted on a blogger. Which includes a brief overlook of the news report. Information, which has not been used in the news report but has collected through reici and different ways, would all be added in this article. The information includes these certain points:

  • Process of naqsha
  • Life history of naqshabandh (Human-Interest Element)
  • Working with a wholesaler choice
  • Problem faced by the workers or owner
  • Definition of different terminologies


  • A complete shot of a place.
  • A shot of the process
  • A shot and SOT of the naqsha-bandh


  • Background music from Royalty Loop Music.
  • Voice Over of a producer.


  • Images will be added in the article around 2 – 4. Every picture shows   a different story that supports the writer point.
  • A picture of a design on a graph paper with a same picture on a punch card
  • A picture of a naqsha-band who is the part of the human-interest element.

Length, Distribution & Media

1.     Target length: 3-4 minute target length on DVD

2.     Distribution: Bahria University Thesis on DVD. Compressed Web version.

3.     Video: MiniDV, digital shots of stills. Edited in FinalCut Pro.

5.     Print: Articles on Blog.

6.     Treatment: Word.


Characters included in this news package are:

SOTof a naqsha-bandh

Reason: Showing a human interest story


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