Treatment of Hand loom


  • Intro: Human-interest element
  • Middle: A whole family managing the production of a fabric
  • Middle-End: Process of making banarsi cloth with handloom
  • End: About demand, market exploration (local & foreign)



Scope of Work



Handlooms (called khaddi in urdu) are the traditionally used technique, which is in practice from ancient time as it operates manually, even by the women of rural area but this trend is declining as the handlooms are being replaced with the power looms due to the technological advancement plus the rise in demand.


There was a time when in orange town ( banaras town) each store had a unique display of colours and designs, and entire households were involved in the business with the women working on handloom where as on the other side the men were involved in making and selling the fabric.


Article of about 800 words would be posted on a blogger. Which includes a brief overlook of the news report. Information, which has not been used in the news report but has collected through reici and different ways, would all be added in this article. The information includes these certain points:


  • Involvement of a whole family in a production process
  • Process of Handloom loom traditionally known as khaddi
  • Manpower required for the khaddi
  • Interview with female workers
  • Their house life
  • Khaddi used by Textile students
  • About raw material
  • Customers/Buyers
  • Definition of different terminologies
  • Human-Interest Element



  • A complete shot of a woman/man working.
  • A shot of the process
  • A SOT of the buyers
  • A SOT of the working people



  • Background music from Royalty Loop Music.
  • Voice Over of a producer.



  • Images will be added in the article around 2 – 4. Every picture shows a different story that supports the writer point.
  • A complete picture of the man/woman working on khaddi with a complete devotion by using his both hands and legs.
  • Khaddi placed in a small room


Length, Distribution & Media


1.     Target length: 3-4 minute target length on DVD

2.     Distribution: Bahria University Thesis on DVD. Compressed Web version.

3.     Video: MiniDV, digital shots of stills. Edited in FinalCut Pro.

5.     Print: Articles on Blog.

6.     Treatment: Word.


Characters included in this news package are:

SOT of a working woman

Reason: Showing how she manages his family and work



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