Banarasi Cottage Industry

Cottage Industry:

A small and often informally organized industry whose labor force consists of family units or individuals working at home with their own equipment.

In Pakistan Banarsi fabric making is typically carried out as a home industry in one of the most diminutive vicinity of Karachi, Orangi Town, a lower class settlement. The town which established in 1964 when the original innovative weavers and their families settled with their congenital command over the making of Banarsi fabric as proficient artificer. Now presently these dedicated artisans practice their traditional business, weave the fabric and supply to an ever growing yet selective market in Karachi. The dauntless and enterprising people in this trade have opened their outlets in the Banaras town area, wistful to transform it into big productive sectors with mere hard work.
The reason for picking this topic for the project is to give those diminutive yet creative artisans a chance to show their pre-eminent work to the stakeholders of the country and bring them in lime light conjuring for their missing major and essential requirements.
The government of Pakistan has traditionally been benighted of their own country’s skilled potential and economic prospects, so they habitually overlook the fundamental requirements of the derelict weavers of Orangi town in Karachi, who always strive to sustain their trade even in the most pathetic situations of their own economic survival. Even some foreign government has identified their existence and has raised their support for this significant trade in Pakistan.
The fabric produced by the skillful artisans in the Banaras town vary accordingly to quality of the fabric design, use of quality zari to make the finished products a magnificent quality of human imagination and creativity. In every drive of Banaras town there is not only the work of Banarsi fabric manufacturing but there is also a Banarsi cloth market where around 200 shops deals in readymade silk fabrics and also supply the silk products including Banarsi saris throughout the country.


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