About Me


I am Kanwal; I was born and brought up in Karachi,  proceeding towards my Bachelor’s degree in “Social Sciences” with majors in “Media and Journalism” from Bahria University Karachi. I have chosen this field because media in pakistan is growing with the speed of light and it has a capacity to promote good and change the people’s perceptions, therefore I decided to convey my messages through media and promote positivity in my country through my work.

I don’t want to be a conventional writer because there are already many, I believe that watching something has an ever lasting impact on anyone’s mind rather than reading and listening, therefore I want to work on a bigger scale using those technologies which have never been used in Pakistan. I want to work on a medium which flows on my commands and that will only give positive message.

I feel blessed that I have been a part of “International Studio Karachi”, which polished my skills and gave me the opportunity to work with the biggest names of the industry which includes Saqib Malik, Salman Razzaq, Saleem Daad, and Dawn Television Network. I worked on the two best filming formats including 35mm and HD.

I am a quick learner and an optimistic person with an ability to work in any shift. I consider myself  an artist, have a great desire to work on the top position in media. I feel blessed to be surrounded by creative people. I love to get feedback, I am not the person who give up, I practice and allow myself to make mistakes. I like to go somewhere new and I love that i am an independent person I know the values of teamwork, I count my blessings to fill me up with passion. I take risks and takes a lot of rest..I believe to work with a creative framework when ever I got an idea I write that down to finish something.Take breaks in the work and work in a relaxed situation I am an open person who loves to have fun and wants to excel in my field.


Kanwal Jahan.



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